Chic Place At Lincoln – familiar food under the new sauce

We have stayed at Chic Place 4* at Lincoln many times over the past 5 years. At first it was the only place that we would stay because of cleanliness, and the units having full kitchens. We have noticed a decline in cleanliness (I published my notices – and service over the past few years. Our last stay was extremely dissapointing, and don’t know if we will bother going back for more. Very long wait upon checking in didn’t start us off very happy. There was only 1 desk associate on the “renters” side. The “owner’s” side had 3 with 2 of them doing absolutlely nothing. Room left a lot to be desired this time. Walls were very marked up and the carpet was very stained and dirty looking. One of the beds was sagging to one side, the linens looked dingy and there were at least 3 bulbs out in various fixtures. The tub was very slow to drain, and drawers in bathroom were warped and wouldn’t open. At this time we booked Chic Place at After sitting on the couch to watch TV we noticed a horrible sour smell. After investigating we realized it was coming from the couch. We had to grab the extra mattress pad (thank goodness it was very thick!) and comforter from the closet and cover the couch with it to be able to sit on it. Upon returning to the room one night, the locking bar mechanism had somehow flipped over and locked us out! Maybe it was from the wall shaking from when our “”neighbor”” would let their door slam behind them all the time. Maintnence had to ram the door out of the frame to get us in. The bed is right next to the corridor and light from hallway was bothersome. We were not impressed with Wyndham’s maintnence and management of this previously nice resort! To find more information about this resort go through this link –

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